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    scanning to fmp





      I want to scan inventory items onto a contract and am running into the following issue.

      I don't know which script trigger to use.


      What I need to happen is for the cursor to go back to the global scan field without triggering the script again.


      Basically the user should be able to scan an item, the process of adding the item should run (screenshot below), and then the database should be ready to scan again immediately after.


      For some reason, Go to field script step is not entering the field at the end of the script.


      Any one have any suggestions.




      Screen shot 2012-12-01 at 6.47.22 PM.png

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          Is the checkbox in the Go to Field checked for "Select/perform".  Also, I assume this isn't a calculation field or it isn't a field where you have unchecked in the inspector to be able to browse to it. 

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            I have also been toying with barcode scanning, and found that

            it was easier to use a dialog with a field to fetch the barcode and set  the barcode scanner

            to send a return after the barcode to submit the dialog.


            Use the dialog in a looping script with an option to cancel the input.


            Hope that helps,


            Best regards,


            Ruben van den Boogaard

            Infomatics Software


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              Thanks, after much wrangling, I decided to give your way a try. Simple and elegant.

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                Instead of a looping script (been there, done that) try a field with a script trigger (on object modify or on object exit). That will eliminate the screen jumps that occur with script looping.

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                  I'm actually reconsidering the dialogue box now. Using a dialogue window makes it so the user has to click "ok" to continue after each scan. With a script trigger you can scan multiple items to your hearts content without clicking.


                  WHen scanners input data into a field is it like a paste from a clipboard or does it enter the charachters one at a time. If its the latter, an OnObject Modify will not work.

                  I would rather not use an OnObjecy Exit trigger because that would require the user click out of the field. I'm looking for the method that will allow for multiple continous scanning.


                  Any suggestions?

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                    Instead of using a dialog box, script triggering will work on a layout with OnObjectModify- the scan should act as a paste (not populating one character at a time [since it is interpreted by the scanner AFTER the BarCode end sentinel]) a quick script to move the data or advance (or create [this is the best option if you are using a trigger that looks for a modified field, since manipulating the said field will cause numerous modifies]) a record and reenter the capture field to wait for another OnObjectModify event.

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                      If you set the scanner to put a return after the scan, it will automaticly OK the dialog and continue

                      with the script to process the scan.


                      Best regards,


                      Ruben van den Boogaard

                      Infomatics Software