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    Hosting my own FMP database




      What do I need if I would like to host my database in order to access remotely.


      When I google search it all I get are ads for hosting services.

      I have a dedicated machine that I can run it on.

      Do I need a static IP address?


      Its a simple crm database nothing tricky.


      Thanks for your help

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          If you are just wanting to host the database for your own access (or less than 5 people) then you have to do the following:


          1. Get a static IP address.

          Open the port 5003 on the router and forward it to the subnet address of the machine which has FileMaker Pro hosting the file.

          2. Make sure your document has good security and that you are not sharing your data with the world. The account you wish to access the database with should have the FMNet checkbox turned on in the Privileges the account uses.

          3. Share your database and make sure you have turned on FileMaker Network Sharing (File>Sharing...>FileMaker Network...)


          HTH (HIHFS= Hope I haven't forgotten something)

          - Lyndsay


          Oh... and then access the database by using the Open Remote dialog and entering the public IP address as the address.

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            So its absolutely necesssary for me to have a static ip address huh?


            That what I thought.


            No way around it? possibly using a vpn.


            Do you know how one goes about getting a static IP?


            Ecsuse the newbieness

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              You need a statick IP address for your FMS box because you need to hard-code that IP address into the router/firewall.  Ideally you also want a static iternet IP address ( your ISP can give you that) or you can go with a DDNS service if your router supports that.  You need this because the remote users need a never-changing addres to locate your router.

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                You could also assign the FM box a static dhcp through your router using it's Mac address.

                That way the FM box always has the same ip number without having to get a real static ip.

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                  Well.. yes that is true Deb... you need to have the server itself always get the same sub-net address.


                  BUT... that does not substitute for a real static IP address so that the address to your router from the outside world is always the same.


                  As Wim says, there are services like No-IP which offer a Dynamic DNS service so you can use a domain name and your router or server regularly updates it's whereabouts in their DNS. I have not found this good for hosting databases.


                  - Lyndsay

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                    Hi Lindsay,


                    I have been using this technique quite a bit recently (dyn.com) and have not any issues with it as yet.


                    Understand I am not saying you are wrong but rather I am asking what you have experienced and thus what I might expect to happen as time goes on





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                      Hi Robert,


                      I'm not sure what the issues were really, but the service was flaky with intermittent delays in response.

                      There were a whole bunch of things going on at the time that may have caused it to look like the dynamic DNS was the culprit and perhaps I gave up too early... I saw it easier and cheaper to just get an IP address for that network.


                      I have another network with 8 public IP addresses and it makes life a lot easier ;-)


                      - Lyndsay