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Question asked by user18850 on Dec 3, 2012
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- Suppose I have an application that searches for cars.

- I want to find all of the cars that are Blue or Green and are made by Honda or Toyota


In SQL I would write:

(Blue OR Green) AND (Honda OR Toyota) AND (Other Stuff)


In Filemaker I seem to need to do this:

(Blue AND Honda AND Other Stuff) OR

(Green AND Honda AND Other Stuff) OR

(Blue AND Toyota AND Other Stuff) OR

(Green AND Toyota AND Other Stuff)


You would use a Compound Search to achieve this.


The issue is the more ORs in the search, the more queries will be produced.

1 would produce 2 searches.

2 would produce 4 searches.

3 would produce 8 searches.

10 would produce 1024 searches.

n would produce 2 to the power of n (2^n) searches (exponential = ahh!).


This is only if each OR has 2 choices.


So my question is: Can I write one statement that does this (like in SQL) instead of creating thousands of queries?