Ui sep model startup when network down

Discussion created by CJWatson on Dec 3, 2012
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I have a separation model , When the UI is opened in fmpro and the server is down or network can't connect, the fmpro takes as least 3-4 minutes to come up with a can't find file dialog then the standard choose file dialog. Will repeat this for several remote file requests.


Need to check for access before Ui opens and then quit app with dialog if no network connection to server.


Wrote a script to do this, but can't get it to fire before the app waits to connect.

1.Have blank table with one layout that opens initially

2. Set connection script trigger on first window open to check connectivity.

3. FMPRO stalls looking for files before this script trigger fires.


Any suggestions - Not good UI for users if they open the program then wait 5 minutes just to find out network down and then wait through three or four dialogs asking to find a remote file.


CJ Watson


Kailua Kona, Hi