Resizing images in a container

Discussion created by ajayz on Dec 4, 2012
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I designed an audit report for an iPad or iPhone which bascially asks a number of questions and then captures to image via the camera into two containers. I have also set up a script on a button which then creates a PDF of the audit and emails this to a set email address.


The problem is the images blow out the size of my pdf to around 3MB's or more.


I would like help updated my script to automatically resize the images when it generates the .pdf (I think i need to use "Getthumbnail" function) I just need the image to be under 150kbs and no biger than 640x480 pixels - I'm trying to keep the .pdf under 600kbs


Email Audit Script.jpg


or.. a script that automatically re-sizes the images when they are captures in the container. The containers on the form are called "Photo1" and "Photo2"