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    Images defined by calculation not appearing on FileMaker Network client




      I am trying to provide access to a FileMaker database both through a FileMaker Network and Instant Web Publishing. I am having problems displaying images in container fields that are linked through calculations. I am fairly new to FileMaker, especially when it comes to calculations and scripts, so I apologize in advance if the answer if obvious.


      First, here is the background.I have created a database that uses a calculation to link to image files and display them in a container field. The calculation is based on the file path to the image folder (a (a global text field in the database) and the name of the image file (a text field) in that folder. The calculation looks like this:


      g_ImageFilePath & ImageName


      The resulting absolute path looks like this and is displayed as an image in a container field:


      image:/Server HD/Applications/FileMaker Pro 11/Web/image01.jpg


      This works fine when the database is accessed through FileMaker on the host machine or through a web browser using IWP. It also works when the database is opened using FileMaker on a networked machine. However, it does not work when the file is already open on the host machine and is accessed by another user using FileMaker Network (i.e. accessing the database by using "Open Remote…"). I assumed that an absolute path would let all users access the image files, but I guess I was wrong.


      Any ideas? Better solutions?


      (I should add that I came up with this solution because I was provided with over 1,000 image files and an Excel document with the filenames and associated data. I needed a way to link the images to the records in FileMaker without right clicking over 1,000 times to insert the images into container fields!)





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          It's a bit hard to tell what's going on, but there are a few things to keep in mind:


          If your images are located on a central server, the global may need to be set on each workstation the database is being used, so that the path to the iamge files are related to that workstation. The file reference to the images/files are crutial. Check the filepath to the image on each workstation (you can display the filepath by creating a calculation of the container field that result is text).



          You can actually import whole folders of images into a database, using import (form folder) and store them as a reference - the trick here would be to ensure that the image/file names are in the same order as your filemaker records, if you catch my drift.

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            Thanks for the tip about the global field, I had forgotten that each user gets his or her own global value. This may actually be the problem.


            Another possibility I am investigating is permissions. There seems to be something wrong with the permissions on the server (a Mac mini), which may be part of the problem too.


            I will update this post when I have a chance to do some more testing later today.


            Thanks for your reply.



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              This thread has gone a bit cold, but here is my update.


              The global field was a bit of a problem as it sometimes had different values for different users; however, once I ironed that out and everyone was using the same value in global field that is the path to the image files I still have problems.


              The host database is being served through IWP and connected to through FileMaker Network. Therefore, the image files have to be in the Web folder in the FileMaker app folder on the host machine. When the image files are in the Web folder, FileMaker Network users can't see the images. (I have confirmed that the calculation is correct.) However, if I moved the images to a folder in the Documents folder on the host machine, then FileMaker Network users can see the images, but IWP users can't.


              Perhaps the problem has something to do with permissions and file sharing? I suspect this because when I try to right click and link an image file in the Web folder an ordinary container field as a remote user on the FileMaker Network, I am told that either the file is locked or in use. I have opened the permissions on the Web folder, but it still doesn't work.


              Any thoughts?



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                Were you able to resolve this?  I'm experiencing the same problem. Using MS server 8 and FM server11.  I have photos in a "gallery" directory and link them to my database "container" using "image:/" & Local_ImageLocation & "/" & Local_Filename 

                I have no problem if the "gallery" is located on a local machine, but cannot get it to work with the "gallery" on the server.  I can browse my computer and  locate the gallery and verify the path.  I'm at a loss.

                Thanks Joe

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                  Your setup is a bit different from mine. I was using plain old FileMaker in a Mac environment. It turned out that there were problems with user permissions on our server, something we still haven't quite figured out; however, I also did discover something else that might be of use to you.


                  I started using calculated absolute paths to display images. If a remote user connected to a hosted FMP file and was not connected to the shared volume through Finder at the same sharepoint, then the remote user did not see the images. If the user connected to the networked volume through a shared folder deeper in the folder path, then the remote user did not see the images.