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    How to import Excel data to FileMaker

      We are looking to get FileMaker as a possible solution. I have reviewed the 3 modules in the FileMaker Training Series Sampler Kit. Before I go any further I was hoping I could get an answer to my question below.


      My question... is it possible to import Excel data into FileMaker? If so, where can I see a sample, or information, on how to do that?

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          Assuming that your spreadsheet is pretty basic...


          In FileMaker, File > Open, change the popup to display All or Excel. Open your Excel file.


          Note - calculations are not brought in, only the results of the calculations.


          If your spreadsheet should be relational, you'll need to do some work.


          If your spreadsheet is actually a "workbook" with several spreadsheets, you'll need to do some work.

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            Thanks for the quick reply... add-on questions now...


            Do I need to have the database and layout created first or could a "basic" Excel file create a basic layout/database for me on import?


            Also, when you say 'do some work' if not a basic file, do you mean write a script?  Are there samples on this?

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              You don't have to have anything created to start with.


              You can either have FileMaker create a new database based on the Excel file (my previous example) or you can import into an existing file if you have one. If you have FileMaker create the file from scratch, try to name your columns in Excel before opening in FileMaker. FileMaker will use the first row as field names.


              By doing some work... this gets into data modeling. For example, if you're bringing in a contact list with multiple people at the same company, you likely want to have a table for contacts and a table for companies with a relation between them. FileMaker won't build that for you.


              If your workbook has multiple spreadsheets in it that reference each other, FileMaker won't build those relationships. FileMaker will only import one spreadsheet at a time.


              If you have a lot of calculations in Excel - FileMaker only brings in the results. You have to rebuild the calculations in FileMaker.


              If you need to break a "flat" Excel file into a relational FileMaker database, that is best scripted so that the data can be moved around and linked together properly. It can be a tricky process to script. Data cleansing and normalization not always easy.


              Hope that helps.

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