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Making CWP forms dynamic (based on FMP layouts) a bit like IWP

Question asked by Malcolm on Dec 5, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2012 by beverly

The appeal of IWP is that you generate a layout in FMP and you publish that to the web. It's not without some effort and there are limitations but it works. It has occurred to me that Filemaker's API provides the means to do something similar using CWP. I am curious to know if anyone has used CWP to query the layout and dynamically create web forms from the objects that it finds there. If so, how effective is this method? Does the appeal of having the CWP form auto-generate pay-off or does it have drawbacks?


The pipe-dream I'm having is a multi-page web form. In FMP a layout would represent a page on the web. Adding fields to the web forms would be as simple as putting them into the correct sequence and applying value list?


I'd love to get feedback from anyone who has used CWP in this way.