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FileMaker Server 11 Advanced  + web server test fail + Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server 10.8

Question asked by dodell on Dec 6, 2012
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I'm installing FileMaker Server 11 Advanced on a new box today that is running Mac OS X Mountain Lion Server (10.8). I have a single machine deployment

I'm unable to configure the FMSA to work with the Apache web server. In OS 10.8 Server, the websites is turned on and PHP is enabled. I'm able to check this through the browser using the localhost URL.


In the FMSA 11 admin console, when I try to edit the server deployment and enable web publishing (using my PHP installation) the web server test result fails.


As an aside, I noticed the 10.8 Server hasa new default location for the web files:

the new one being /library/server/web/data/sites/default and the other location being library/webserver/documents

I'm wondering if this new default folder "/library/server/web/data/sites/default" has something to do with the issue with FMSA


Please see attached screen shot for the error message.


Any suggestions?