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    FileMaker Go and Datamax or Intermec printers


      Developing a solution that requires us to print lables on industrial label/barcode printers. Currently, this works fine when using FMP12 on Win7 printing to a Datamax I-4206. However, the same print script does not work using FM Go on our iPad 2. I know you have to have some sort of AirPrint printer to print directly from an iPad, so I installed FingerPrint on my SBS2011 server. This does not work well as it does not support different paper sizes nor the driver for a Datamax printer. My question is there way to do this without relying on 3rd party solution or maybe a better 3rd party solution that allows us to control the print driver and paper sizes?

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          Not elegantly.  But I have set up scripts that run on a dummy client machine that print whatever is in a filemaker created print cue.  On the Go devices, I have reports that need printed marked for printing and a layout with choices on paper orientation or printer selection.  The dummy client machine has a script that runs every 10 seconds looking for anything in the print cue and then sends it to the network printer.  It's a work around and solves the problem, but would be much easier if Go and the iPad had better print support.