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Filemaker 12 Layout Speed - Odd Problem

Question asked by lancebrandenberg on Dec 6, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by Stephen Huston

I am having some odd performance issues. Here are the specs;


Filemaker Server 12.

50-60 fm12 clients at peak hours

Database has over 100 layouts (I'm working that # down)


I created some new layouts over the past two weeks. The layouts I created have more graphical elements, script triggers, portals, etc. than the old layouts. When I first created them, they were running quickly (0-1 second to load). Over the past two weeks, they seem to be taking progressively longer to load. As of today, it can take up to 12 seconds to load. Even weirder, no one is using them yet. The old, simple layouts (which were around since it was a Filemaker 11 solution) run as expected. The new layouts (which are admittedly more complex), take forever to load on Windows, but run quickly on OSX.


Here's what I've done so far:


1) Deleted graphical elements from the layout - mild improvement. (7-8 seconds to open a window down to 6-7 seconds)

2) Deleted portals from the layout - mild improvement. (7-8 seconds to open a window down to 6-7 seconds)

3) Removed everything but data fields (0-1 seconds)

4) Added one portal on the layout with no fields in it...the load time went to 6 is this possible? (the relationship between the parent/child is defined on the relationship graph as a simple KP-KF) Furthermore, a LOT of the old layouts use this portal relationship display and it works well.


The layout was created entirely in Filemaker 12, so its not a conversion issue. I have no idea what to do to increase the performance of these layouts. Any ideas?