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    Old FMP software - FREE


      Is this the right place?


      I have a customer with complete (unopenned) copies of FMP 5 and FMP 2.


      Free to good home - you pay shipping and handling if not in MInnesota.




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          Stephen Huston

          Two cautions:

          1. if someone upgraded from these, there are legal restrictions re selling the older copies if the newer upgrade copies are being retained.
          2. I believe FMI requires one to notify them when transfering ownership of registered FMP programs, but this probably does not apply if these are original unopened commercial packages.

          Best of luck finding someone who has a use for them. (They are too old to qualify for upgrades to the current products.)

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            Not upgrades - full versions.

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              Hi, Corinne: I think what Stephen means is IF the OLD software had at one time been upgraded, the terms of the discount upgrade pricing basically prohibit continuing the use of, sale or transfer to another party -- in effect, "destroying" the license of the old software. In theory, I think that would apply to unopened single license boxes as well, but only if there was a way to purchase an upgrade without having the original license code.

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                2 points:


                1. she is not trying to resell anything. She is trying to give them away

                2. the infringement about licenses would only occur if the boxes were opened and software used AND if they had been upgraded.


                I have been very tempted by this offer Corinne. I have a collection of FM boxes from the beginning of time and are missing those two. I'm not sure my husband would let me get them though as my 'hording' as he calls it or 'collection' as I call it is already too big.


                - Lyndsay

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                  If in fact she had used them to upgrade, I would NOT be making this offer.


                  She did NOT.


                  When she made her next purchase of FMP it was version 11, which she purchased as a fresh brand new full copy.


                  Hope this clarifies.


                  Just because you're all so curious, I'll explain why it happens to be unopenned.  (I think it's just the version 5 that is unopenned).


                  She ordered the software, but while waiting for it to arrive, I installed my dealer demo on her system so she could start using it right away.


                  Apparently, we both forgot to open it and register it with her own serial number when the box finally arrived.


                  So, it sat on her shelf unopenned all these years - but kept her legal.  ;-)

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                    Stephen Huston

                    Hi Lyndsay,

                    My spouse also wonders why I have FM stuff dating back to floppy disks and the first FM Manual from Nashoba! I have moved most of it to a storage closet, but she still finds the boxes and questions my craving for this stuff! Don't know if it's hoarding, collection, or -- more acceptable -- archiving.


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                      Michael Pond emailed that he wants it.  But I'm unable to reach you via email or phone Michael.  Please call me in the afternoon or evening.


                      All email to you bounces, and your name does not appear to be on the company directory of the phone system whose number is in your email, and no one answers the phone.