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    Left Nav in FM12 theme?


      I am looking for a way to include a left Nav menu (as well as a top nav) to a solution - seems somewhat difficult given the nature of themes always hugging that left border..


      Has anyone seen/developed a FM12 left nav solution, ideally without doing any object layering tricks or messing with the local CSS?





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          Hello, Chris.


          Left nav has always been a bit problematic in the FileMaker interface, not least of all because it causes issues in List and Table Views. One possible solution would be to use a multiple-window approach, where your nav bar is a separate window from the main window in which your solution appears.





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            i will try to afeter clear the your problem

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              Mike Duncan

              If with left side navigation, you're pretty much stuck with form view (or put it in a separate window, as previously mentioned). There are several out there, try searching for heirarchical menus or portals... but they all will require form view, no list view or table view.


              It would be nice to have a native way to do this (thinking about itunes-like interface) but it's just not there. Even filemaker's own interface has migrated from the left side to the top of the window. If you want an example of a top nav that can work in form, list and table views, I have a couple demos (unlocked, free to use) that you can get here:




              Hope this helps!