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    Is it possible to Stream Videos over IWP on Internet Explorer ?


      I built a Media Center database with FileMaker Pro 12 for my customer that is hosted by their FileMaker Server 12 Advanced (FMSA). The managed files are Pictures, PDFs and Movies. This database contain two parts : internal, for media's managment, accessed with FileMaker Pro 12 clients and external, for their partners, that use the Instant Web Publishing (IWP) engine of FMSA. Recently, i tried to take advantage of the new Interactive Container function for the Movies. I communicated to my customer the recommended video formats of the IWP Guide : MP4, MOV and AVI. With FileMaker Pro, for the internal part, all works fine on both Mac and Windows. But on IWP, it only works with Safari on a Mac OS X (10.7 and 10.8) but doesn't Work on Internet Explorer 8 or Internet Explorer 9 and Windows 7. A little blue logo appears on the Interactive Container's upper left corner (-> see my screenshot). After a contact with FileMaker's Support, i turned on many options in IE preferences and I declared Windows Media Player as default application, redefine file types associations, restarted the computer and after hours and hours of tests, it doesn'nt Work. Note : Of course I can read the same files locally, with the Windows Media Player application, perfectly.


      Can anyone help me ?

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          Hi folks !


          I need to bring some update to this question :


          Finally, FileMaker's support told me that their tests were... successfull !!!


          They textually confirmed that the FMI technician was able to play .avi, .mov and .mp4 viedos over IWP with Internet Explorer 8 and 9, Chrome and Firefox without any problems.


          They told me that the problem is probably due to my configuration. But...


          - It's not a layout problem, because with FileMaker Pro on both Mac and Windows, it always worked.

          - It's not a network or server problem, because on my Mac with Safari, over IWP, MOV and MP4 are correctly played.

          - It's not a basic IE configuration problem, because i can drag and drop the same video file on browser's window from my desktop and the QuickTime Plugin starts automatically to play the video.


          So, what ?


          For FileMaker Support, all works fine. I sincerly would prefer if they said : you can't do this with IWP. but...

          For my customer, It's my fault.

          And there, on this forum, two month later : no answer. However, isn't it an amazing feature, to share videos (and more), easily, with only FileMaker 12 environment ?


          After hours and hours on this problem, i didn't go one inch farther... Help me please or just test it and send me the results...


          THANK YOU !



          PS : Excuse me for my bad english...

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            Do you try with Safari for windows ??

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              Yes : it works just fine with Safari for Windows. It is the same with Firefox and Chrome. It's the reason why my title quote only IE navigator...


              If you have any other idea... and thank you so much for your participation !


              Kind regards,



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                What if you run IE as administrator (right-click on the IE icon and choose "run as...")?


                Have you also tried changing the security zone settings?

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                  Thank you for your suggestions. So... i just tried to :


                  - Put down the protection leveI of local network (it's the case for my in-house tests)

                  - Add my server as Confiance-site and put down the protection leveI of this area too

                  - Restarted the computer

                  - Executed IE v9.0.8 as Admin like you suggested and tested both 64 bit and 32 bit versions : negative...


                  But a strange detail appeared : with the 64 bit version there is no special logo but a link instead, like standards containers fields (non-interactives). So i can download the movie but not play the movie. And with the 32 bit version, any link but the logo. But... today, this logo was different : it was not the blue logo anymore but an "image" logo (see attachment). I will turn MAD....



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                    Hello there,


                    So... I think the answer is no ? But i need a last chance !


                    It is the reason why i built a little database that permit you to test that with your config and... really really help me !!!


                    The link :



                    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!



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                      Hi there,


                      Thanks a lot for your participation and connecting to my test database !


                      Now, here is the test results : they were all... NEGATIVES !!!


                      I really didn't understood why, with Safari and Firefox, that worked just fine in my in-house tests, none of you received any content.


                      First, i thought about an IP Port routage problem because with the FMSA's streaming, the 16000 IP Port is used. But, after modifying my router, the issue persisted.


                      Then, i found the reason why : your navigators attempted to receive contents from the private address of my server (example : 192.168.1.x) instead of his public address or the url that appears in address bar of the navigator (www.comptabase.net). Thanks to Firefox who displayed the internal address of my server when the streaming was executed !


                      As you think, i'm really not a network engineer… but it seems that this operation is not correct and i think that it is a FileMaker issue. When you are deploying FileMaker Server, the server's public address is not indicated and when you see the server's presentation, only internal addresses appears.


                      Do you have any explanation for me or it's clearly a bug from IWP/FMSA ?


                      Kind regards,



                      PS: I have found some interesting articles and i'm afraid :



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                        I had done this dance with IE for a while.  Have you tested different versions of IE?


                        From what I remember:

                        • IE7 - worked fine most of the time.
                        • IE8 - never was able to get it to work.
                        • IE9 - able to get streaming to work occasionally from FM.


                        I don't remember know what I had to do to get it working.  But it is related to IE's change in how it handles security.  I will try to find my test file that I used and figure out how I got it to work.

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                          Hi Joshua,


                          It's really good to read you...Thank you, i'm feeling so lonesome ! After months, i passed hours and hours on this issue and now, i know that it will never serve for anybody nor anything.


                          And last but not least, tomorrow my customer will call me by phone and i have just nothing to say.


                          But, to answer you : yes, i tested IE8 and IE9 but not IE7. Sure, i could try this way but... anyways, i can't require from my customer to use older versions of IE.


                          AND now, moreover, i have a second BIG problem :


                          The question is not anymore  :

                          "Is it possible to stream videos over IWP on Internet Explorer ?"


                          But :

                          "Is it possible to stream videos over IWP on Internet Explorer ?"


                          No... i'm felling so sad, you know but now, i think the game is really over.


                          But THANK YOU SO MUCH, Joshua !


                          Kind Regards,


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                            My question about browser version was intended more to see if the issue was with particular versions of IE.


                            It actually seems like it may be more of a permissions issue with outside IPs getting to the content.  FileMaker uses port 16000 for the Server Admin Console.  I'm not sure that it uses it for streaming video and such...but I'd have to check.


                            My Server is currently offline, I will try and test a few things when I get home tonight.  Just a couple things to check in the meantime:

                            • Is SSL turned on in FileMaker Server?
                            • Do you have the IWP external port being mapped to your internal IP and port?
                              • The default port for IWP is 80, you can also use 591, I believe.  I assume this is fine, since we can see the rest of the served page just fine.
                            • Double check the settings:
                              • Access permissions in Security settings for the file.
                              • On the enhanced container. Make sure they look right.
                            • Are you able to view everything in IE from inside the network?  You mentioned it worked in Safari and Chrome from inside the network, correct?
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                              The SSL question is very relevant.  Back with 12v2 I believe there is now an explicit option to allow streaming with SSL on, the caveat being that the streaming is not encrypted liek the rest of the data flow.  And I believe the default behaviour is that streaming is toggled off when you enable SSL, so you have to explicitly turn it back on thereby acknolowdging the security implications.

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                                Thank you very much Joshua ! Well I will keep in mind the test of IE7. For the rest, i checked all the parameters :

                                • SSL was turned off AND streaming was turned on, on Admin Console's Server database parameters. It is OK like this.

                                • On my router, all the ports described here http://help.filemaker.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/10672 were mapped to my fmsa server (TCP and UDP) but not the 591 Port ! Now it's done. I must test this extra muros.

                                • Access permission security : only Guest have extended privilege to use IWP (to bypassing the authentification page). It have read-only access for all tables except the "session table" that store info about the user and test result.


                                The situation is :


                                • Streaming of videos (Mp4) is possible if QuickTime is installed. But it doesn't played on Windows7 with IE8 nor IE9, although it's played if i drag the video file from my desktop on IE Window. But, the FMSA streaming works with FireFox and Chrome on the same PC.


                                • Streaming doesnt work outside my network. I see for example with Firefox the text "connecting to" on the back of the windows and naturally, i can't see the vidéo nor the pdf. But it's true, i did'nt mapped the 591 port ! You can if you want try another time with my online database.


                                Thank you to all one more time and i hope to read you soon !

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                                  So I ran through a whole gambit of tests to trigger the video play back.  And haven't found anything you didn't already run into.  So here are my conclusions:


                                  • On the LOCAL network: Chrome, Firefox, Safari all seem to stream the content fine.  IE doesn't.  Couldn't find a combination that worked.  I did however get IE7 to work with most of the security stuff disabled.
                                  • From outside the network: IWP is still trying to hit the internal IP address.  This really feels like a bug.  So I would report it.
                                    • On a side note: The function to get the host IP address returns "" in IWP.  Again, after a quick Google search, couldn't find anything that says that is SHOULD work that way.  I'm reporting that as a bug also.
                                    • Looking at the guts of the IWP web page that is served: the Request URL is the internal IP address and fails.  The "Referer" IP is the URL/IP address used to reach the server, the external IP address.
                                  • Port 16000 and Streaming: I did confirm that FM does use 16000 to stream the video.  ( which explains another issue I was having that is now working ::wink wink:: )


                                  I would consider calling FMI again...and have them confirm they can stream the video from OUTSIDE the network.  Let them access your IWP page and troubleshoot it from that.  I would be curious to see what they say.  Sorry I wasn't able to come back and say I got it to work.


                                  Have you considered using the Web Viewer to access the video?  And PDF?

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                                    Oh, Dear...


                                    Finally... YESSS... finally, after months, i'm not alone anymore !


                                    Because now, there is one person, one person on the planet, that heard me and understood me... and you are this person !


                                    I'm happy, you know ? My solution' doesn't work, i spent hours and hours for nothing, i'm down, my customer now hates me, but I DON'T CARE because now, i'm just happy. Can't you see ?  (it's me right now). Why ? Because i cannot do what is impossible !


                                    I will never forget your help and the time you spent for me, be sure.


                                    So, OK, now, i land off to answer you : yes, i created a test-database that displayed for each record, a you tube video within a webviewer. It works fine, naturally, in all configurations, without worries. It was my B-Plan. But i must now find a partner to help me because you tube is not appropriate : these publications are private and there are copyrights to consider. And i am not a web developer.


                                    The PDF are not the priority for my customer : it's important to see the videos. But it was important for me to test the PDF's too and undersanding the streaming problems.


                                    It is true, in my foolish dreams, FMI will release a "miracle update" of FMS 12 and my time wasn't for trash...


                                    But OK, I must land off one more time. And, moreover, my customer, annoyed, imposed me a deadline that is impossible to respect : the end of March.. Haha !


                                    I will not calling FMI again. FMI support is definitly not destinated to us... Each time it is the same : they are really gentle and professionnal but our questions encounter any answer because we found the product's limits… I remember the last time. It was for a problem of generating PDFs : most of characters of the unicode table are displayed in preview mode but not printed. I built a database to proof that. After hours and hours, they justified that FMP is a database software and not a Word processing program. And they had right !


                                    So... OK. if you have other infos for this deal, it will be with pleasure.


                                    But at this time , thank you very very much one more time, Josh, really sincerly.



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