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    FileMaker Training Series Sampler Kit for FileMaker 12

      I'm setting up a sample environment to prove to the decision makers the task they need done can be done with FileMaker.


      Do do this, I will need the FileMaker Advanced version to test IIS and iPad access.


      Question: Is the Training Series 30day trial version the Advanced version (As indicated in the Server Module Demo requirements) or is it the Pro?


      If it is the Pro, can I get a Trial of the Advanced version?

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          Stephen Huston

          Some clarification is needed. FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Advanced are the client software. There is also FM Server and FM Server Advanced.


          The developer license version of FM Server is for FM Server Advanced.


          There is no trial version for the client  FileMaker Advanced, only for FileMaker Pro.

          (The only distribution of FM Advanced (client, not server) without payment was for those registered for pre-release software, and those installations expired shortly after the public release.)