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Camera in FileMaker Go in Portrait Mode

Question asked by stevestearns on Dec 6, 2012

I believe I may have found a bug in FileMaker Go for iPhone (v12.x) and wanted to see if others are experiencing the same bug or whether others have run into this and solved it.


I have a layout that has a container field that spans most of the width of the iPhone 5 screen in portrait orientation. When the iOS Camera controls come up, the Flash and Options buttons are stacked on top of each other on the left side of the screen. The iOS Camera rotation or selection button is on the right side of the screen as it should be. With the Flash and Options button stacked on top of each other, it makes them useless. I have checked the iOS Camera app and it is fine with the Flash on the left, Options in the center, and Camera selection on the right.


The container field is 9pt from the left, 53pt from the top, width of 299pt, and height of 388pt.


I have attached a photo to illustrate the layout and issue I am experiencing.


Has anyone else seen this behavior? Is it a bug? Is there a workaround? Is there something that I should be doing differently?


I forgot to mention what I was using:


iPhone 5

iOS 6.0.1

FileMaker Go for iPhone (v12.x, the most current release)