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Sep Data with Local UI.  Losing connection question

Discussion created by Steve Wright on Dec 7, 2012
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Hi All,


I am toying with a local UI file connected to a served data file but have come up with an issue and wondered if anybody has an idea.


Lets say I host the data file via PC 1.

I then open up the UI file on PC 2 which opens the shared data file from PC 1.

So far so good.


Now to simulate a network issue, I temporarily disconnect PC 1 from the network and wait for PC 2 to announce the lost connection and close affected windows.

Next, I reconnect PC 1 to the network, so effectively the data file is available again.

Here we have a problem.


1. The UI window is not closed, because its apparently not affected by a missing data file, even though its trying to show related data via a portal and also a related field directly on the layout.

2. The UI window now shows <File Missing> (as expected)


Whilst wondering how I could trap this and invoke a script perhaps to re-connect, I decided to try a script which and figure out how to trap it later.


I tried this script without luck, although it makes no sense why it fails in my opinion:


Goto Layout (UI layout with no references to the data file whatsoever)

Close File ["data"] - No errors, but it has nothing to do, file is already closed.

Flush cache to Disk (added this as an afterthought, no effect)

Open File ["data"] - No errors, but it does not open the file.


I also note that Close File["data"] appears to do absolutely nothing, even from a UI layout with no data references when the hosted file is still available.



Is there something I am missing? Is the only way to close the UI file and re-open it thus restoring the connection?
Im pretty sure FileMaker Go can reconnect to data sources, so surely the fully blown desktop versions can?


P.S. As to why I am looking at hosting a local UI file, well my thinking was to reduce overhead, although Im in no real position to test performance differences at this time, it may not be worth it in the end.

Im basing my theory on the fact that 1 layout Im testing with is approximately 3.5mb in size (copied to myFMButlers ClipManager) compared to the same layout in 11 weighing in at only 400kb.
My entire UI of the existing solution grows from around 40mb to about 140mb with absolutely no data whatsoever, surely this has to factor into performance (esp over wan) of course, I may be wrong.