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    Possible error with External Authentication


      Possible error with External Authentication:

      User might have a record with shortname and one with full name.

      How to handle this in a situation where auth is done vs. OD, and users [naturally] have both a long/full name and 1 (possibly multiple) shortname(s)?

      By 'handle it' I mean that I create a user record whenever a new user logs in. Get ( AccountName ) would return my shortname [jr] if I should choose to log in with this, and my full name [Jens Rasmussen] (from FMP preferences) if I do nothing.

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          The easy solution is to make the long and short names in OD the same.  Keep in mind that even then users can choose to long with a UNC or UPN syntax which will also get returned by the get(accountname), but at least then it's easily parsed down to the short name.

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            Thanks. But the names need to be as stated. It makes sense that FMS/FMP can/should not be able to know alternative names for this user. Any aliases to the real name that is good for OD is good for FileMaker.


            There was no security issue or anything, just convenience to the user: if they log in using full (real) name, this name can be used for salutation in letters etc. But for internal messaging, they prefer using initials. I have provided a feature that makes them create internal to-do items for themselves and colleagues.


            Great to see some action in this forum. I often find it hard to use searches that return threads/answers from 2010 and older.