FileMaker Server 12—fmsadmin command line parsing bug or FTS erratum?

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Attempts to execute the example system script described in Reference 1 (see below) led to consistent error messages and failure, either as an FileMaker Server Admin Console schedule item or as an independent script. Here is the script, transcribed from Ref. 1:



fmsadmin send -m “Pausing” -u <user> -p <pass>

fmsadmin pause –u <user> -p <pass>

fmsadmin backup -u <user> -p <pass>

fmsadmin resume -u <user> -p <pass>

fmsadmin send -m “The backup is complete. Files are again open for use” -u <user> -p <pass (sic)


Appropriate substitutions were made for the Admin Console's user and pass parameters (with brackets removed, of course), e.g.,


fsadmin pause -u 'Joe Doaks' -p j0e5p4s5w1Rd


FM Server e-mail error alerts generated when this script failed indicated that the -u flag or the user name itself was taken by at least one of the fmsadmin commands as being the name of the database that was intended to be paused. Here is the text of one of those messages.


  • 2012-12-07 01:37:43.656 -0500 Error:92 FMS-12-Joe-Doaks-Computer.local:Could not complete operation on database "-u" because it is not currently open.


  • 2012-12-07 01:37:43.656 -0500 Error:92 FMS-12-Joe-Doaks-Computer.local:Could not complete operation on database "Joe Doaks" because it is not currently open.


Attempts were then made to execute each line of the script as a separate command manually (i.e., interactively in the Terminal app). The send (message) command worked as expected but the pause command returned unexpected requests for username and password, even though they were provided in the command line as -u and -p parameters.


Ultimately, one database file name was specified for the pause, backup, and send commands, and the script executed without failure.


The syntax for the fmsadmin pause command in Reference 2 (see below — emphasis mine, btw) states that


Usage: fmsadmin PAUSE [FILE...] [PATH...]


Pauses the specified databases (FILE) or all the hosted databases in the

specified folders (PATH). If no FILE or PATH is specified, pauses all

hosted databases.


As a result of this experience, then, it would appear that the fsadmin pause does require a file or path to be specified, which is contrary to the syntax specification.


So, after all this, did I make a mistake, or there a problem with the fsadmin interpretter, or is there something else that's wrong? I greatly appreciate any guidance on this, so thanks in advance.



1. FileMaker Training Series 4, Module 10 — FileMaker Server, Lesson 10.4, Example 10.4.3 (beginning at page 10-47).

2. FileMaker Server 12 Command Line Help reference for "pause" command (in Mac OS X bash environment), explicitly: fmsadmin help pause


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