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    Execute sql Referencing Current table


      Quick SQL question that I've already spent too much time trying to fix.


      I'm trying to get the sum of all Invoices (Example) for a particular salesman into INVOICES::Salesman_sum.


      The field INVOICES::salesman_sum has this calculation:


      ExecuteSQL ( "SELECT SUM("Invoice_Total") FROM "Invoices" WHERE "Sales_id" = ? "

      ; "" ; "";Invoices::Sales_id )



      I'm getting errors when tryign to run this from the INvoices table.


      The odd thing is that if I run this calculation from a field in the Salesman table it works fine.

      Basically, can you use sql queries on data in the current table, using arguments in the same table.


      I hope I've explained this accurately, thatnks for all your help