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Discussion created by lkeyes on Dec 7, 2012
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I have a church that I've been helping, who were wondering the best way to deploy their contact database in FM12.


They have three copies of FMW12. They have one master (heavy) user, and two others who will use the shared data file built by the master user for occasional lookups.


They have a small Microsoft SBS 2008 network server.


We developed the database on one machine, and now they want to share it to the other two machines. We copied the data file (it is split) to the server, for automatic backup) but now the main person gets error messages about sharing when he opens the database for the first time in the morning. He normally checks the options to "not share", and goes on his merry way at that point.


In this scenario, is it preferable to hold the data file on his local workstation, and then allow the others to access it? I hesitate to have them buy FileMaker Server, as it is overkill for the amount that the other folks are going to use the data, and I've convinced them to buy the other workstation copies. (I keep hearing "Well in Access, this wasn't a problem..."!).


As a new developer, I'm having trouble managing expectations with potential FM customers, as they balk at buying extra software for the server and each workstation. (nonwithstanding that they have of course paid for MSOffice licenses, just that was in the past, and they think that is a sunk cost.)


Another thought.... do people run a copy of FM Workstation on their _server_ just to make the file remotely available to the workstations?


I just want this to be as transparent as possible for the users.


Thanks for any ideas.