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    New to Filemaker



      I am new to Filemaker Pro and have been attempting to build my first database. I run a Production Facility and am attempting to create a database to mangae and track Production Orders from the Job creation all the way to shipping.

      I am having a hard time for some reason getting the new records to be created from inside a portal. I have set my portal up similar to the Bonsai Nursery template that comes with Filemaker. I am using a Line item table, related to a products table. In the realtionship, I have checked the allow records to be created through this relationship.

      My portal is inside a set of Tabs. Does this effect the way the portal will behave?

      Any help would be great.




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          The portal in a tab doesn't affect how it works.


          What is it that does not work: no new records are created in the line items?  Can you give some detail on how you've constructed the relationship between the two?

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            If you have set it up to allow the relationship to create new records, then most likely the relationship is flawed; one side 'text', the other side 'number' perhaps, or the parent side field for the relationship is not generating a value (it needs to populate the child side with a value- if none exists- no child record).

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              Thanks for the help.

                 My Table Occurances are: Order, Order Line Item, Order Line item Product. 

                 The portal is set to retrieve my lineitem records all with the same order #, assembying a view of all the records in that order.  I am trying to be able to click in the portal and actually create the new records of products, in the line items table, but it won't let me add new items. 

                Its strange because right when I get it to work, I make a few changes on layout view and then suddenly it won't let me add anymore records.  Sometimes a solid grey bar shows up.

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                I think I just got it!  My Product ID key field i was selecting in the portal was from the Product table, not the Lineitem TO, so it was not triggering the new record. 

                  THanks again for the help.  I'm sure I will be back for more.