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When emailing a PDF generated in FileMaker Go, why is my PDF blank without any data?

Question asked by oscars99 on Dec 10, 2012

This issue was reported long time ago (Answer ID 7782), however I m still seeing this on FM 12 / FM go 12.0.6


When a layout has only a few fields, emailing a FileMaker Go 1.1 generated PDF can produce symptoms similar to the following:

  • The PDF is blank. The layout template, fields, and data are missing
  • The PDF only displays one field
  • Fields appear but they do not contain data

This issue can occur when PDFs are generated and emailed via a script that is created in FileMaker Pro and manually run (or via a button) in FileMaker Go or through FileMaker Go's Send/Save feature.


Please help. I converted the invoice solution to my needs and now not working on iPad it works on FM pro 12 (desktop).