Formatting Radio Buttons as Idiot Lights

Discussion created by user18632 on Dec 10, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2012 by KylePutzier

I made some simple "idiot lights" out of radio buttons in Filemaker 11 and having trouble formatting them in Filemaker 12.


I created three calculations fields that basically said, if true, then "1", which would turn the radio button on. I then colored each of the radio buttons red, blue or green and set the fill at none and used engraved as the style. I then stacked them directly on top of each other in the layout.


If the yellow field had a value of 1, it turned on. The button colors told me at a glance if a project of coming up, due today or past due


But with Filemaker 12, I can't seem to set the color without getting the button outline. It seems the engraved style is no longer there. If the button is off, I don't want the outline, but if the button is on, I want the interior in the color I specified.


How might I do this in Filemaker 12?