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    Where is autoupdate folder in FMSA 12 Win?


      I'm migrating some solutions from 10 and 11 to FMSA 12 and I find no documentation to support the AutoUpdate feature of FMSA 12. I have a number of plug-ins to manage and need to set up the updaters on the Windows server. Where should they be located?


      I'm referring to the directory AutoUpdate.


      For FMSA 11, it is located in the c:Program Files(x86)FilemakerFilemaker ServerDataDatabases


      For FMSA 12, it should be located in the c:Program FilesFilemakerFilemaker ServerDataDatabases

      but it is not.


      Should I just create it there?



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          FileMaker 12 features an entirely new way to update plug-ins. It takes some re-writing of code, but the new approach is slicker, faster, and more reliable than the old one. Basically you can now put plug-ins in container fields and just use the new script step called “Install Plug-in File”. Very cool …




          Search FileMaker’s built-in help for “plug-in”. (Don’t make “plug-in” plural, or you’ll miss some topics.)








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            Great. I'd heard about it, but couldn't find the details.


            I'll check it out.