Print Setup sends wrong tray info to printer

Discussion created by kmtenor on Dec 11, 2012
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We are having an issue with FMPA12v2 on Windows where, when printing to a custom paper size (defined by the printer driver), all documents sent from Filemaker require the printer to use the MP tray instead of the Cassette.


Printing to this custom size works fine in other Windows applications (tested in Word and Notepad) - the paper is correctly fed from the cassette when the cassette is requested in Page Setup. But, when printing from Filemaker (just from the File menu, no script involved yet), regardless of whether the Page Setup dialog says "Cassette" or not, the printer insists on having the MP Tray filled. It's almost as though Filemaker thinks that, because the paper size is a custom paper size, it knows better than the user AND the driver, and believes that custom paper must always come from the MP tray, so that's what it tells the printer. Frustrating.


Obviously, we can get it to work this way, but the situation is not ideal. The solution we are building is going to be deployed in a dusty environment, and having the paper coming from the MP tray will undoubtedly cause issues down the road. We also need more than the 50 sheets that the MP tray can hold at a time.


I'm going to install the 12v3 update and see if that fixes things, but I wanted to get this question out in the wild while waiting for the download.


Printer is a Kyocera FS-C5200DN and is directly installed on the workstation feeding the document (no print server involved). I am not prone to blame the printer because it feeds correctly from other Windows applications.


Thanks for any help.