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How to open FileMaker database hosted on FileMaker Server remotely from FileMaker Pro over the internet?

Question asked by Hemant Kumar Patel on Dec 11, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 26, 2013 by kongphui

Hello All,


I am a newbie to FileMaker development, I want to open a database hosted on FileMaker Server 12 from FileMaker Pro 12 Advanced remotely over the internet.

I am able to open the database remotely if both the machines are FileMaker Pro and in same wi-fi network.

I have searched on web for the procedure but can't find anything straight forword, all that what I found were confusing as I am new to FileMaker.

Can any one help me with simple steps to do the task from the scratch. I also need to know how to enable the database to be shared on FileMaker Server so that it can be listed in available hosts on FileMaker Pro "Open Remote" dialog.

Thanks in advance.