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    Summary Fields




      I have a solution that has a couple of thousand record in in currently. I have reports and layouts with portals.

      Well my problem is that the summary fields take forever to summarize. It there another way to summarize reports or portals?


      Using FM Adv 11, Windows version.

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          Hello, Shoreline.


          It would be helpful for us to know a little more about your setup. A couple thousand records usually don't require "forever" to summarize. Makes me think something else is going on. Pokey performance on summaries usually comes from one or more of these sources:


          1) You're summarizing unstored calculation fields. That will slow the calculation engine down.

          2) Your data table is very wide (lots of fields) and you're working across a slow network.

          3) You have a LOT of summary fields on your layout.

          4) You have a lot of calculations that depend on other calculations. For example, calculation A is based on calculation B, which is based on calculation C, which is based on calculation D, which is what you're summarizing. This is called a "dependency tree", and will slow you down.


          Take a look at these factors and let us know if you have any of them in play.