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    Module Menu Moving


      Hi Guys,

      Can you tell me how I can stop my Menu icons ( Contacts, Estimate Invoice Icons etc) from moving when I change views from Form view to Table view, they shift a little in List View also. When the left hand side bar of the table view layout kicks in it shifts my menus over even tho I have them all set to the same pixel settings (position)

      Is this to do with ankers?.

      your help appreciated

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          Steve Wright

          If you use the same layout and just change the mode then I dont think its possible, although I have never tried.. someone else may have the answer for that.


          Personally I use one layout for each mode (form/list) which gives me a little more control over things including allowing me to offset the menus.  I never did like that left hand record indicator, especially in the header too, In my opinion it wouldnt be a problem if it was only applied to the relevant layout parts, i.e body.

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            Hi Steve thanks for your comments..

            I am using different layouts for each mode..just wondering what changes you do to the layout to compensate..etc  cheers

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              Hi Mark,


              You need to adjust the placement of your layout objects by 3 px further to the right.  Then they will align with the off-set generated by FM when it adds the (ugly) row indicator in list view.  :-)

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                Sure wish I could edit from iPad GRR


                I mean design FORM layouts 3 px to the right, of course. 

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                  Hey Thanks LaRetta.how are you..

                  Do you know how many pixels for Table view?

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                    I don't display table view to Users so I never care.  You can test by placing some object at top of both form and table then quickly switch back and forth between a form and table views to see if it jigs.  That's how I figured it out, LOL.  ;-)


                    Sure wish FM fixed that.  Many of us care if the view shifts ... it looks unprofessional and unsettling when it isn't taken into account when designing. 

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                      Thanks will do..yes I agree it does look unprofessional ah..cheers

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                        Hi LaRetta, Can I ask why you dont generally use Table View..Regards Mark

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                          Hi LaRetta & All... If you minus 20pixels on the Table Layout, then Menu holds position without moving..do i get a tick for that

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                            mark0123 wrote:


                            Can I ask why you dont generally use Table View.


                            Part of my mild aversion is surely hold-over because table view used to be worthless until script triggers (because you could not fire script on individual records before triggers; scripts won't work in table view).  Neither can you use portals in rows so one-row filtered portals are out, as are tab controls and you are stuck with ugly field labels. Sure you can remove labels and provide your own but then they can't re-arrange columns. 


                            For me, table view is too User-friendly and not enough Developer-friendly.  I would use table view if it truly was the best fit for the purpose but so far it has fallen short of providing what I need to meet specific requirements or its openness fell short of my stringent protections.  It is great that FMI provided more options for the Users ... but they forget this data is also used for businesses and when used in professional situations, we need ways of protecting Users from themselves and protecting company data. 


                            The first time a User sorts on an unstored aggregate calculation in LineItems where you have 500,000 records ... and all Users grind to standstill, you will wish you could remove some of those 'nifty' options FMI so freely provides in table view.    I LIKE TOTAL CONTROL. 


                            And no, no tick but maybe an Atta Boy because others may use table view and we hope they use the px adjustment ... we need less jiggy designs in the world. 

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                              Good answer.. your comments hold good value.....Its interesting you mentioned to many tricks for users...have you seen my earlier question on how do i remove some of the drop menu options available in the Table columns, as I dont always want users playing with Fields, Grand summaries etc...the sort options available are ok, but thats about it. Users shouldnt have to try and figure out what these unusual worded menus are for. Less confussion means more user confidence, Happy, Happy Clients

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                                No, I hadn't seen your prior question but it is not an uncommon complaint.