Another possible FM12 bug with value lists?

Discussion created by PeterWindle on Dec 12, 2012

I have a weird problem with a value list.


I have two files (converted from an older version of filemaker pro) one that has addresses and the other is jobs.

Simple. I created a new value list in the jobs file, showing the client code and address info. It worked... perhaps the first time, then after that, then it would dissapear.


Nice. So, I experimented...


the value list works fine in the address file.


the value list works in the jobs file if I display codes only or codes with addresses, but when I choose to show only values from the second field, being the address info, the value list dissapears!



Now, I took it one step further and tried creating the value list using all values from a the field in addreses and tried using the value list from another file (being the value list that WORKS in addresses) neither of these worked when trying to display just values from the second field.


The only time it seemed to work is when I create a realtionship from all records in jobs to all records in addresses showing only related values from jobs that the value list actually worked showing values from second field only.


Remember, using the other techniques, (value list from other file etc) would work if I showed both the code and the second field, but not if I chose to show ONLY the second field and remember, the value list worked from the address file!