ExecuteSQL weirdness

Discussion created by pmconaway on Dec 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2012 by Steve Wright

Here is the issue. A colleague in my office is running in ExceuteSQL problems.


This SQL statement works

Select TypeCodeID from EDRS_103


It returns the value of the LT in records that have this value in TypeCodeID. There are other values that it also returns but as you will see below we are trying to eventually count the number of records that have "LT" as the value in TypeCodeID.


When we try to execute this SQL Filemaker returns ? as the result.

Select TypeCodeID from EDRS_103 where TypeCodeID = "LT" -- now we have tried the following variations on this sql statement: where TypeCodeID Like "LT" and where TypeCodeID In ("LT")


we have also tried single quotes. We have also tried both uppercase and lowercase LT values. Also this query works Select TypeCodeID from EDRS_103 where RecordID = 103 -- the RecordID field is a numeric field.


It seems like filemaker doesn't like a where clause dealing with a textfield. I'm also figuring that there is something messed up with our query syntax.


Below you ask we have checked to make sure that the ExecuteSQL statement is properly formated. Both of us are stumped any suggestions are helpful.