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    Importing Excel Spreadsheet


      How does one import an existing Excel spreadsheet into a database that already has multiple tables.


      I don't want to creat another database with the Excel data but import into my existing FileMaker Pro database.




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          When you import, and you specify the target side, you can scroll to the bottom of the target pop-up and select creating a new table with same name.  :-)

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            Well, if you want full flexibility you could simply use our MBS Plugin to with thre XL.* functions to read the excel file directly row by row, cell by cell and create records for all the cells you need.







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              Stephen Huston

              As LaRetta indicated, you begin at the File Menu > Import, selct From File, set the file options to All Available, locate the XLS file, and then set the Target Table list to New Table (with file name). This creates the new table in the same file.


              If, instead, you want to just add the data to an existing Table, then its a matter of setting the Field Matching options to get each column into the right field in your chosen Target Table.


              Target Table will default to the base table of whatever layout you are on when you start the process, so you have to select the Target Table manually to get the right result in either case.