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Just Curious: How does FM know which layout to go to?

Question asked by jbrown Expert on Dec 12, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2012 by Stephen Huston

Hey all,

Just curious about this and wonder if there's better ways to do things:


I had a layout with a certain name: BucketListAll with a bar chart that includes 3 data series which represent each school. I have a similiar layout, showing only one school at a time: BucketListSchool.


I made extensive changes to the School Layout, and wanted the look and functionality to be the same with the All layout, so I duplicated the School Layout, renamed it to "BucketListAll". Then I deleted the original BucketListAll layout.


The script that went to the All layout didn't know where to go. So I assume Filemaker has some internal connection that has nothing to do with the name. Is it the layout number?


And if so, is it better to use the name or the number?


I don't think this is a major worry for me; rarely do I delete layouts after renaming another the exact name, but I thought I'd ask.