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    Pdf issue in v 10 adv




      I've not got round to upgrading to v12 just yet but I have pdf issue I need help with.


      I have a layout with an image logo, when I choose to print to a pdf using CutePdf printer the result is fine.

      When I save as pdf using filemaker Save as Pdf function the logo file within the pdf is of a very poor quality.


      I wanted to use the built in funtion as Cute pdf wont allow me auto open the pdf file once created.

      I can do it with other Pdf s/ware like bullzip but I dont want to have to provide third part solutions.


      Is the problem due to the way filemaker renders the files for pdf creation and if so is this rectified in V12?


      Thanks in advance


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          Stephen Huston

          FileMakers license with Adobe for its PDF writing capability is not identical to PDF generation with other PDF writing software. PDF-printer utilities, including the built-in Mac-OS level "Save as PDF" in the print dialog don't exactly match what FileMaker uses from Adobe.


          Once workaround, assuming the logo is high-def for printing, is to try making a layout 4X the needed print size (just for printing) and then set the page-setup for output to 25%; this sometimes creates better quality image output if essential.


          v12 has similar issues, but they are generally related to the v12 Thumbnails options, and the problems reportedly disappear if the thumbnail generation options are turned off.

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            Hi Stephen


            Not getting into upsizing 4x then reducing page setup to 25 %, makes layouts look Amateurish when  at normal size.

            will try a very high res logo file first then see how that reacts otherwise it looks like i'll have to go third party!!


            Thanks Anyway

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              Stephen Huston

              When preparing a 400% layout, I would take it out of the visible layout menus and script it's use from a print button or command from the 100% layout -- that way the end-users never see the special print label. I wasn't suggesting that users be required to look at the thing, or, worse yet, do data entry on it.