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    FileMaker Go fix keyboard


      Hi there,


      I'm trying to create an iOS type ahead function in FileMaker Go. For this I use a global seach field where the user can type his/her search criteria. I've linked a script trigger to this field which on modification of this field runs a script that does a find routine. Althought the mechanism works as expected I'm experiencing the keyboard bouncing up and down during the script. Does anybody know how to avoid this and/or fix the iOS keyboard ?


      Thanks in advance and best regards - Dick Honing / ecOrganizer

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          some additional information: the bouncing keyboard was in FileMaker Go 11 and seems to be fixed in 12. However in 12, the delay caused by the script with the find routine does not really allow for fast typing and when you do, it skipts characters ...

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            When I implement this find-as-you-type behavior, I always use a two-trigger approach. An OnObjectModify trigger attached to the field installs an OnTimer trigger to run shortly after the OnObjectModify script ends — typically in the neighborhood of .3 seconds. Only the OnTimer script actuall performs any find. (The OnTimer script should also uninstall itself when it's finished.) This way, if the user is typing at even a modest pace, each keystroke resets the OnTimer trigger. The find only happens when there's a pause in the user's typing. The end result is that the interface is much more responsive, actual finds are performed less frequently, and finds usually have a smaller found set, which pushes less data over the network.

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              Hi Jeremy,


              thanks again for your tip! This really does the tric :-)


              best regards - Dick