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FMP11 to 12 Database conversion has conditional formatting issues?

Question asked by brianrich46 on Dec 13, 2012

We've got a large number of FMP11 databases which we are working on converting to FMP12. We've run into an issue where some layout objects that are conditionally formatted do not convert correctly into FMP12. To make text appear and disappear on layouts in FMP11, we use the trick of setting the text size to 500pt when we want it to vanish, this being the case when the conditional formatting formula is TRUE. The problem is that layout objects set up this way in FMP11 become distorted when the database is converted.


Take for example a 16 px square button grey button with the letter P as it's title. When the conditional formatting is TRUE, the text should be 500pt amd the fill colour should be white (to match the background) After conversion to FMP12 the button displays normally when the conditional formatting is FALSE, but when formatting is active the button becomes stretched horizontally by about 20 times. The text disappears as expected and the fill colour changes, but the button's fill now overlays anything below it


The problem only occurs when the file is converted - if the button is freshly set up in FMP12, the problem doesn't occur.


Anyone found the same problem and - ideally - a solution?


We are using FMP12 Advanced and have the same conversion issue with both 12.0v2 and 12.0v3 - the platform is Windows 7 Professional SP1