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FMP 12 with Win 7, 64 bit file not modifiable issue?

Question asked by OnlineRiverSoftware on Dec 13, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2013 by SecretWeaponLabs

FMP 12 works fine by itself.


But if we install a runtime (Program.fp7), or a multi-user Program file, in the C drive, program files folder, the Program File (Program.fmp12 for example)...........and try to open the program...


User gets the error "This file is not modifiable"


Apparently the PERMISSIONS is restricting the folder and the application within it.

If we open the multi-user solution,...we get the same error message as with the runtime.


TO SOLVE this, we have to manually change the Permissions to include WRITE and MODIFY or if we turn off USER ACCOUNT CONTROL and if the user is an Administrator then it works fine too.


ANOTHER SOLUTION is to go to Compatibility Tab in Properties and check "Run in 32 bit mode as XP, etc..." and then it works fine.


If we put the runtime, for example on the desktop or in My Documents folder, it works fine, but we would like to install our program folder in the C Drive and keep all parts of our solution together in one folder - there must be a way to do this automatically so the customer does not have to make changes to their PC?

It works fine in XP or VISTA or Win 7, 32 bit - just not in Win 7, 64 bit mode


To experience this you need to be working with either a runtime, or a multi-user solution where FMP 12 opens your solution (not just FMP 12 alone).


Doe anyone have some suggestions or insights?