Filemaker 12 date problems

Discussion created by Gingernut on Dec 14, 2012
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I will try and explaing this as best I can.


Using Filemaker 12 and a converted file. Windows 7


I am in UK using UK date formats


I have converted a FM11 file to 12


In a script I want to set the a date in one table from a date in another.


Both are date fields with full 4 digit years in layouts.


I have tried copy and pasting and setting the field and in both cases the date comes back with a ?


I have used dataviewer to GetasDay(date) and also get a ? but it is a date field correctly formatted.

If I GetAseText(date) I get 28/07/2011 (for example)


I also tried Import as an alternative test and in this case the date "looks" correct but you cannot search on it and again copying and pasting gives an error revert field message.


I used the dataviewer on the Pre12 (FM11) file and it does return the correct day on the same field so I think there may have been some issue in the conversion but cannot imagine why.

Has anyone else come accross this or have a solution please its driving me insane.