Field Recording with Filemaker Go

Discussion created by cobrien on Dec 15, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2012 by beverly

Hi all, I'm a newbie (kinda) but played with filemaker years ago. I am trying to get guidance on what Filemaker GO can actually do..! All I can see is that it allows editing and viewing of datasets - on the go, but I want to use an iPad as the primary means of data entry for field assessment of houses/apartments. This would include image entry/numerical values and written descriptions of condition.


Can Filemaker Go allow this - ie - if I set up all the fields and sheet views in Filemaker, can I hand someone an iPAD and let them create new entries?


What I want to do is have people input the data in the field, so that it does'nt have to be redone when back in the office..


I can't understand why this is not clear ....



Any and all help would be appreciated as I begin. I actually suspect this cannot be the first time that filemaker has been used for this, so if anyone has any direction on a property template then that would be of enourmous help.


Thanks all.