Old Filemaker port 591 issues

Discussion created by TimGriffith on Dec 14, 2012
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We are having trouble with PAT (port address translation) on an older FileMaker 6 setup. Because of our customer's security concerns we are trying to map an address, let's say, 'http://test21.hostcompany.net/folder/orderpage.html' from it's original (hiding the port 591 call) 'http://test21.hostcompany.net:591/folder/orderpage.html'. The firewall technician says she has correctly mapped the address without the port number to exit the firewall into our server on port 591, not 80. Yet, tests fail. If we re-insert the port number it works. If we use the IP address + port number instead of the named address it works. The only time it fails is the name address without the port number. (for the customers security concerns we must hide any IP and port addresses)

The technician reassures us that the address coming in on port 80, 'http://test21.hostcompany.net/folder/orderpage.html', is coming out of the firewall as 'http://test21.hostcompany.net/folder/orderpage.html' port 591 to the server computer. We seem to be at impasse. Does anyone have experience with an issue similar to this, and could share some insight?