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    Scripting text export for web access




      I have a FM-file with Bible verses from which I want to get one verse a day for a web page. I use FMSA11 on OS Server 10.6.8. I made a FM-script to choose and export the text and I succeeded to write it by a server side script into Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/ but not to Library/WebServer/Documents, where I could get it by web link. I have tried different settings of privileges for the folder.


      How can I set permissions to be able to write to the web server from FM server? The path set in the script is filemac:/Server HD/Library/WebServer/Documents/text.html.


      Thanks for help,

      Ola Österbacka

      OF system, FBA-member

      Vaasa, Finland

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          Hi there


          No matter what permissions you give the /Library/WebServer/Documents folder FMS won't be able to write to there. What you'll need to do is to create a shell script which does the copy for you, then have the FMS scheduler run that script just after the FM script which exports.


          So, FileMaker writes out to /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents, then a shell script, e.g.

               cp -f /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Documents/verse.html /Library/WebServer/Documents/verse.html

          can be scheduled to run a few min later, to copy the file across (the -f flag forces a replace without prompt)


          Save this line as a script in  /Library/FileMaker Server/Data/Scripts with a name like copyVerse.sh


          In the FMS console select to create a schedule, to run a script, and select System-level script. Select the name from the drop down, then in the Account to Run the System-level Script section, provide username/password for a user who has read access on the FM Documents folder and write permissions on the WebServer Documents folder.


          Hope this makes sense and solves your problem for you





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            Since you have FMS, I think a much better way is to write a little PHP page using the FM PHP API and that extracts your bible verse  and directly displays it.

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              Thank you very much, Steve, for a quick and detailed answer! I followed your advice and succeeded in copying in the Terminal, but not as a server side script. The info was "Aborted by user", so I suppose I would have to change privileges in sudoers file (admin help). But that is not what I'm used to do, so I think I try the method proposed later by MartinBraendle - thanks to you, too!



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                Martin's idea is a much better solution to the problem - I was simply providing a solution to your question as asked