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Cannot Get Overline To Appear, Despite Copying It from a Functioning Layout

Question asked by richardsrussell on Dec 17, 2012
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In every table, I habitually create a calculation field of output type container called "Bkg" (short for "background"). Its primary function in life is to provide a pale-blue background for every 5th record to help the eye track across the page. A secondary function is to have a medium-gray topline to separate EACH record from the one above. This has worked just swell for over a decade. So today I'm working on this file, converted from .fp7 format to .fmp12 format, and I've got a layout ("Rates") which has virtually the same format as what I want for a new table I just created ("Accounts"). I used my standard technique of duplicating the existing "Rates" layout, assigning it to the new "Accounts" table, and changing all the fields on it to "Accounts" fields. (They're already formatted just the way I want them.)


The problem is that the overline on top of the "Bkg" field isn't showing up on the new layout. The pale-blue background DOES show up on every 5th record, so I know it's the right field and it's being displayed. But I can't figure out what the dealio is with this missing overline. Has anyone else run across this head-scratcher and figured out (a) what's causing it and (b) what to do about it?


Reproduced below are snapshots of the old "Rates" layout, which works fine, and the new "Accounts" layout, unaccountably missing that topline for all except the current record (which the cursor is aimed at). I also reproduce the Appearance Inspector for the "Bkg" field, showing that, yes indeed, it HAS been set to display a top border. It just doesn't do it.


Proper Line.png


No Line.png


Appearance Inspector.png