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Open Container Contents by Double Clicking Container

Question asked by DaleLong on Dec 17, 2012

After recently converting to FM12, we have decided to use native FileMaker containers instead of SuperContainer, which we previously used for archiving lots of images and documents. When I did this conversion, we lost the ability to click on the image or file itself (which was a web viewer with SuperContainer instead of a regular container) to open the file on the local client. What I did was design a button next to the containers that opens the file instead, which is generally not liked as well by our users.


I have been reviewing my technique here, and thought that I might be able to invoke a 'double-click' type of mechanic on the container. After fiddling around a bit, I thought I had managed to conjure up the desired behavior. I can double click the container to open the file, and I can drag and drop files onto the container as before. However, When I right click, it appears that none of the menu options work (you can't cut, insert file or picture, etc.).


Has anybody found a way to do this consistently? I've attached a sample file showing how I was trying to achieve this behavior.