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Apple Maps in iOS6

Question asked by RecPro on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2012 by garrett.debski.rcc

Hi Everyone,


In our iPad solution we have a web viewer which displays a small map for a specific address. When users click on the map we use the "Open URL" function to open a larger Google Map of that address.


For our iOS6 users we would like them to be able to open the large map in the Apple Maps app on the iPad. This would allow them to utilize the turn by turn directions.


We have referenced the new "Designing Custom Businesss Apps for iPads & iPhones" and unfortunately this only addresses mapping the user's current location using the Apple Maps app (page 30-31). This process uses the Location function in FMGo to "feed" the address data to Apple Maps.


Is it possible to pass an address from FMGo and open it in the Apple Maps app?


According to the "Apple URL Scheme Reference",,+CA&saddr=cupertino should show driving directions in Apple Maps between San Francisco and Cupertino. Unfortunately on FMGo it opens Google Maps in a web browser. Any idea what we are doing wrong?