External data sources - when does FMPro "see" them

Discussion created by bollacious on Dec 17, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 18, 2012 by LSNOVER

If you've defined external data sources in your solution, whether or not you've included them in your relationship graph, when does FileMaker "see" them? It seems to me, using Script Debugger with the startup script, that it's immediately upon opening the file.


The reason I ask is I want to use error capture to suppress the dialogs that would result if a file is not found, but I don't want it in force for the whole script.


I'm thinking the following sequence:

(1) Start the script with turn error capture on

(2) Check for the presence of the data source using PatternCount ( DatabaseNames )

(3) For users with a live internet connection (this is a distributed solution, so some users may be detached from the community), display a dialog In the event of a fail

(4) turn error capture back on.


Is this sufficient to suppress the dialogs that would come up prompting the user to locate the file, continue or cancel the script, etc.?