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    IWP best method for form submittal


      We have an internal website and we want to allow internal users to submit communication project requests to our FMP database.


      My question is what is the best method to accomplish this?


      Here is what I would like to happen. User clicks on the hyperlink(on the Intranet page) that takes them directly to the input form. Once the form is completed the user clicks a submit button that commits the record to the database and then closes the window.



      I have a startup script that will detect the method of access and take the user to the correct layout in the filemaker pro database. I have a submit button script that will commit the record and exit the application. This takes the user back to the IWP home page. I would like this to just close the web window.


      Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks



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          I think you use the exit application script on a button



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            Oreste, I've tried that and it takes me back to the IWP Home page. Thanks for the suggestion.



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              Hi Paul


              I think that this is another situation where IWP needs some new (Non-FileMaker) thinking.


              Firstly, you don't need to try to close the window, or quit the application.


              Please compare what you are trying to do, with the standard shopping cart solution on most websites.


              What happens when you have completed your purchase? You are taken to a confirmation page and effectively 'dumped'!  Perhaps there is a link to the Home page of the site, but normally the user is expected to think that their purchase is complete - they have no other business on this site, so the page they end up on is hinting; "Now go away and do something else!". The HTML website designer cannot close the current window, so there is nothing else that can be done.


              So my suggestion is that once your user clicks the 'Submit' button, you take your user to a "Thank you and Goodbye" page and let them decide what they want to do from there.  Once they see that their business is done, they will either quit their browser, or move off to another site - you don't need to worry.


              I hope this approach sheds some new light on your issue.


              Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London, UK.

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                Alan, Thanks for the idea. That may just be the solution. The application I'm referring to is internal and what I'm trying to do is to hide Filemaker from the end user. They are just submitting a project request to the communications department. your response is exactly the type that I was looking for. Sometimes I'm stumped for ideas on how to proceed and need a little suggestion. Other times I need technical assistance on how to make it work. Great idea.


                Thank you.



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                  OK, next question in this saga. Is there a way have an HTML link to the database automatically log into the database as "Guest"?

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                    Hi Paul


                    If you enable Guest access, the user still has to select it.


                    You can set an Auto-login User Name and Password, which will be assigned to every user logging into the database, from either FileMaker or IWP. This is done in the File Options ... section of the File menu.


                    Each FileMaker database can only have one default login. FileMaker Client users can hold down the Alt key when opening the file to allow them to swap to a different user name ( and Password), but unfortunately you can't do this in IWP.


                    If you only want the IWP users to get access without a password, then you have to make a separate database file, for IWP use only, but with links to the tables in the main system. By that I mean placing the tables from the main file in the relationship diagram of the IWP version.  The main file will need to allow access with the stored IWP user name and password. Also the main file should run a script to go to a blank layout when an IWP user logs in (in case the IWP user can get to see the main file).


                    Remember that you will still have to enable IWP extended privilege access for both files.


                    Finally, if you log into your system via IWP and go to the page that you want your users to start from, you can copy the URL from the browser and use that as the link for your users - it should take them straight back to the layout you selected.


                    There are ways to embed the User Name and Password in an FMP:// ... call, but this opens the FileMaker client, not IWP.


                    Best wishes - Alan Stirling, London, UK.

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                      Hi Paul'


                      Yes there is a way to do this. I use this to let users log in to a datebase, but be carefull this is triggy stuff.


                      Link: http://fmps01.idgnet.nl/fmi/iwp/cgi?dbpath=%2Ffmi%2Fiwp%2Fcgi%3F-db%3DAerostarEamenModule_POC%26-startsession&acct=account&name=proef&password=examen&login=Login&-authdb


                      Leave all the funny stuff in the link!

                      Where my server is "fmps01.idgnet.nl" is my server, "AerostarEamenModule_POC" the name of the database, "proef" the username and "examen" the password.

                      make shure you edit your startupscript to redirect all these users to the right screen en set proper privs. for this users.


                      Hope this helps and have fun, greatings, Floor

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                        Floor, worked like a charm. Thanks for the post.