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Printing issue with FileMaker 12 using Win 7 64bit

Question asked by petery009 on Dec 18, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 16, 2013 by SecretWeaponLabs

Issue that we have been having is that every so often, File Maker 12 will tell us that our printer is not connected (Printing can not continue because this printer is not connected to a port. Use the Control Panel to set up a port.). From the research I've done, this has been an issue with File Maker since at least 2009 and has to do with running it on a 64 Bit Operating system. I found a temporary fix for this issue on the File Maker forums which was to run the program in comparability mode. I've applied this "fix" to two of the computers in the office, but all it has done is slightly reduce the amount of times the issue has occurred. This issue is still too frequent and is preventing us from printing off important documentation that we need. This is the forum post that I found in regards to this temporary fix (


Does anybody fixed this problem ?


Thanks !