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    FMS 12.03 installed, but IWP generates error 701


      We finally got our server advanced installed and working, but when enabling IWP, we are getting an error that states "an error we encountered when communicating with the server". The log states the error is 701 and that IWP was stopped.


      We installed server advanced on a brand new iMac running ML with all the latest updates. During the deployment wizard, it states that it found Apache and it appears to start up ok, but then this error shows up in the Overview screen.

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          Ok, I fixed it.


          My initial installation failed because I had a user named FMServer and Filemaker Server tries to create a user named FMServer - who'd a thought?


          Anyhow, I had done an uninstall in my attempts to resove the problem and read in a post that if you do this, you need to make sure you delete the Filemaker Server folder after uninstalling.  I didn't.


          So this morning, I uninstalled Filemaker Server, deleted the Filemaker Server folder in /Library/Application Support and then re-installed and everything just worked!  Love it.

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            I'm also having the same problem with FMS 12.03, whereas before upgrading IWP never failed regardless of the # of concurrent users of to 90.  I've set up a windows task to run every 5 minutes to start IWP this dramatically helps but doesn't remove the problem.  Filemaker... please fix this, as it's a huge issue.

            My server is hosting only 3 flat files, and only 3 fields for data entry.

            I have 64GB ram on this server.

            Please fix this problem.