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Small portal used in list view-scrolling not fine enough

Question asked by macfilepro on Dec 19, 2012
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This is difficult to explain, but will be apparent when viewing the 4 pics I attached. I am using FileMaker 11.


I would ideally like to retain the list view shown as the user enters data. The problem is the portal. The user is able to create new records in a related table by entering in a new blank field in the portal. The trouble here is navigating in such a small field. The height of the body on this layout is 20 px. Clicking on the Up/Down arrows on the scroll bar moves the fields in the portal in such a way that they fall within partial view with each click. I have tried various combinations of portal height, field height, font size, border, etc., and I have not been able to find the desired setting whereby a click on the up/down arrow will move the next field perfectly in view.


My compromise would be to use form view with a much larger portal whereby this would not be an issue, or perhaps a list view with a much larger body. The advantage to having the 20 px body is the user can see many other records while entering data. (Yes, maybe having a second window is an option, but I'm trying to keep it simple)


Hopefully there are some tricks out there, as usual.


Thanks in advance to all