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    CWP - Getting error 500 on timestamp .op=bw




      I've run into a problem after converting a solution from FileMaker 11 to 12.

      It is a calendar module that has a CWP frontend, which worked fine under FMS 11, but is having some problems under FMS 12.


      The FileMaker solution has been converted from .fp7 to .fmp12 via FileMaker Advanced, and everything is working fine in FileMaker.


      Some of my cwp-queries doesn't work though.

      The problem is timestamp fields that I want to query with a range like:



      (item_Start_ts is a timestamp field).


      This works fine in FMS 11, but on FMS 12 i get ERRORCODE: 500 (Date value does not meet validation entry options).


      Changing it a bit:


      Works fine on 12 too.


      Even this:


      ...works on 12.


      Anyone seen this, and perhaps got a solution?


      Kind regards,


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          Random untested thought - those aren't actually valid Timestamps, a timestamp is m/d/Y H:i:s, so perhaps if you searched for


          it might work…




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            Hi Steve,


            thanks for the idea.


            I know they aren't really valid timestamps, but it worked fine with FMS 11, and you could also enter that in find mode in FMP.

            But the thought has occured to me too and I tried something similar to your suggestion before:



            Then I get error 501 instead (Time value does not meet validation entry options).

            (Tried it both with double and single zeros)


            I also tried your exact suggestion just now:


            Then I get error 508 (Invalid value entered in Find mode)


            The strange thing is that the exact same query as in my original post works perfectly fine under FMS 11.